The IIKANJI ethos

IIKANJI : Good vibes

A Japanese expression used to convey that something looks good, feels good or seems GOOD. Having confidence in yourself AND most importantly encouraging confidence and good vibes in others.

Our IIKANJI ethos conveys our beliefs as a brand and is something we try and live by on the daily. When you wear our threads and the IIKANJI brand, all we can hope is a little bit of our ethos and good vibes transfer over to you, there truly is nothing better than GOOD VIBES all around.

We believe in standing with those who are facing challenges or adversity. Our Good Vibes Project is the foundation of our brand.

We believe in quality over quantity - our releases are always limited and we source only the best fabric.

We believe in modesty, except when it comes to your aspirations. Then, we believe in being bold.

We believe in kindness. We practice it daily and spread it everywhere.

We believe that communication is the foundation to good mental health, and are always here to chat. Reach out to us.

We believe that change is as good as a holiday.

Most importantly - we celebrate difference, and we believe in doing what EVER it is that makes YOU happy. So ignore all of the above! Whatever it is, that brings YOU happiness and good vibes, then believe in that.